“If there is a piece of repertoire I was unable to listen to in the lesson I have students upload a recording using the Media Annotator. If there are issues I can make a note on the video, instead of letting the problem compound for another week.”

— Lynne | Teacher

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Reflection Log

Here your students are able to write, in their own words, how they feel after each practice. And, as the teacher, this reflection log allows you to understand how your students are performing at all stages of their practice. Find ways to inspire them, challenge when necessary, and praise their accomplishments all in one place.



“I want to participate in a recital at the end of the year,” “I would like to learn this piece in two months,” or “I want to be able to read sheet music better.” Your students dreams and goals are vast and ever-reaching. By helping them define these goals, you and your students can create personalized lessons. Goals help guide your students progress and help them achieve their dreams.


Media Annotator

The Media Annotator serves as a “real-time” commenting tool on videos. It allows both you and your student to upload videos and add comments increasing communication between the teacher and the student.


Group Lessons

If you work in a classroom and need to assign a task to several of your students Cadenza® provides a feature that can assign a single task to all of your selected students without having to do them one by one.


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Our users gain access to a private Facebook Group; an active platform where you can get real-time support, share your experiences, engage with other teachers from around the world, and motivate one another.

With close to 500 participants, our group has flourished into a thriving, supportive community of friends.

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