Sound Business Practices For Music Teachers

One of the first biggest concerns that Teachers have, when they learn about the existence of Cadenza, is if our online tool will take a lot of extra time outside of lessons.

Common questions that arise are, “how will I charge for that time?” and “how will I cover the monthly fee required to use the tool?”

One teacher we know, who is a regular Cadenza user, has tackled the issue of covering her business expenses in an efficient and professional manner. We wanted to share her solution so that you can weigh the benefits of using an online tool such as ours with the drawbacks of added professional fees.

“At the start of the new school year in September (2018) I realized that I was spending an extra hour or so per week going over student comments, questions, video uploads, etc. I also volunteer a lot of time to recitals, lesson prep, and volunteering for local music associations, all for the benefit of my students.  

So, I decided to implement an administrative fee for the first time in my 25 years of running a studio. I was hesitant to do this of course! My normal practice was to increase my fees slightly each year. Instead, this past year, I kept the lesson amount the same with no increase but I added an annual admin fee. I decided that $45 per individual student and $55 per family would be reasonable to cover my extra time, recital fees, and subscriptions for tools to support student learning. (Note, this is $45 Canadian, which is roughly $35 USD, or £25 in Britain.)

This was a bit of a learning curve for me. Although I consider my time very valuable, I also value my families and was worried about a bit of a backlash from parents. To my absolute delight, the administration fee was questioned by only one of my 45 students, and they were a new family to my studio.

Lesson learned, if you have been a dedicated advocate for your students and genuinely involved in student progress, families will recognize this and totally support it. The families were actually thankful to not have to have individual fees throughout the year and to take care of it in a tidy manner right at the beginning of the year.”

If you ever need to ask questions about how other teachers are managing their students and structuring their fees, please join us in our Cadenza Facebook Group, by clicking here and requesting that we add you in!