Week 1 (In Perpetuem): “I’ll get to that next week………”

How many times have I said that to myself, after hearing or seeing something exciting and motivating, that could change the face of operations as I know it, BUT, requires a little brain space and time to learn, digest and then advocate? When it comes to CADENZA™, I’ve been ‘getting to it next week’ for 63 sennights (isn’t that a great alternative term for a week, and yes I’m English 😇🇬🇧). I remember my sense of enthusiasm while attending the official launch of the Cadenza Community Project in late November 2019. Surrounded by peers, colleagues and students, all eager to glimpse the new web-based software that would revolutionize our teaching and learning experience (not to mention, put pay to ‘feedback’ about the legibility of my handwriting in dictation books….), I recall envisioning how I would become a pro with the app and introduce it to my modest studio of piano students, who would all love and embrace it as I did. That was week 1. The seed was sown 🌱, and it was game on!

Well, somehow, week 1 slipped by, and I had already found a couple of reasons not to start using the software YET. Into December, with teaching winding down and performances (I’m also a collaborative pianist) gearing up, it just didn’t seem like the right time to introduce the app. ‘The New Year will be the perfect time’, I thought. But New Year came and went, and with students sitting RCM exams in late January, did I really want to rock the boat now? Perhaps March break is a better time? Well, I’m sure I don’t need to tell you what happened during March break 2020, but let’s just say new software for my teaching studio wasn’t high on the priority list for me, or the families of my students 😩😷.

Fast forward 60 weeks, through the roller coaster of twists and turns, highs and lows, both personally and professionally, that I’m sure many of you can relate to (I’m doing the Wayne’s world doodledoo doodledoo thing (and showing my age 😬)). In late January 2021, I felt incredibly fortunate to secure a Research Assistantship in the Faculty of Education at Queen’s University, where I am pursuing a part-time Master of Education, with the amazing Dr. Rena Upitis (and that’s pronounced Youpitis, for anyone that’s ever wondered) and Jodie Compeau. From iScore to Notemaker to CADENZA™, these ladies are literally building the bridges between music lessons, with the assistance of good friends at the three Cs (Concordia University, Curious Piano Teachers and Coalition for Music Education) amongst others. But you already know that. That’s why you’re reading this 🙃.

Three weeks into the job, and still finding roadblocks to getting my own studio on track with this software, I finally realize that there is no right or wrong time. There will always be justifiable pros and cons to making a change in the context of any given week. But the sooner I start, the sooner both my students, myself and my academic progress can grow and bloom from the experience. So, this is the new week one. The week one where I actually plan, write and send emails to my students and their families, to introduce them to CADENZA™, and hope that they become as excited as I am to embark on this technological and pedagogical journey together.

Interested to know what their reaction is????? Me too!!!! Find out, in next week’s instalment of my first ever blog (open to feedback btw 😋).
See you in a Sennight! Clare ❤️🎹